Why is There a Lack of Women in Cyber?

The 8th March marks International Women's Day 2024

It is evident that there is an underlying issue with the underrepresentation of women within the field of cybersecurity. According to Infosecurity Magazine, last year the representation of women in the cyber workforce had dropped to 17%, down from the previous year’s 22%. This emphasises the necessity of creating a more inclusive industry. The question arises: why is there such a gender imbalance?

Cybersecurity and IT are often perceived as male-dominated domains by society. When individuals search for cybersecurity, they are more likely to encounter male figures, reinforcing the perception that cybersecurity is a field primarily for men. This discourages women from pursuing careers in cyber, despite their equal potential for success. While other professions have made progress in closing the gender gap, whilst cyber is progressing as an industry, it still clearly lags behind in terms of the inclusion of women.

It's time for the industry to address these biases and strive for greater gender diversity. Hiring and showcasing more women figures within the cybersecurity realm can inspire a generation that can help strengthen and expand our teams to defend our digital defences!

At TechForce Cyber, we believe in inclusivity within the workplace. We firmly stand for equal opportunities for women in the cybersecurity field and across all industries. While we celebrate International Women's Day annually to highlight the incredible achievements of women globally, it's essential to recognise and appreciate their contributions throughout the year. Women play a significant role in inspiring future generations, and their impact should be acknowledged continuously.

Written by Libby MacKenzie

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