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We have one simple mission: To protect your businesses from the threat of cyber attacks with our tried and tested services and expertise.

Our team are experts in providing seamless and business-oriented cybersecure solutions from start-ups to large multi-nationals.

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We are the UK’s most trusted TechForce in cyber security and protection

Whether protecting a single site or a global network, you need trusted security solutions that are simple but sophisticated enough to deter any threats that are common in our modern lives.

Welcome to TechForce Cyber

Hello, I’m Jai

I am the founder of TechForce Cyber and I really appreciate you visiting the site and finding out what we do and how we can partner with you.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland with worldwide clients we are an award-winning cyber security consultancy and have services and products to serve all sizes of modern day businesses to maintain lasting protection against the ever present threat of an attack.

In the UK alone there are 65,000 attempts daily to hack SMEs, around 4,500 of which are successful. 33% of UK organisations say that they lost customers after a data breach. The average remediation cost of a successful ransomware attack to UK enterprises is £840,000.

DON'T BE A STATISTIC - contact us today.

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TechForce Cyber's 60 Second Dragon's Den Pitch at ISPN North

Question what we do as a renowned cyber security company based in Scotland? Well we were able to sum it up in one minute during our Dragon's Den Pitch at ISPN North in Manchester

EVENT: What It's like Being a CISO At A FTSE250 Tech Company

An insider's account by Stu Hirst, CISO of Trustpilot, this session promises to unravel the complexities and nuances of safeguarding digital assets and information in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

TechForce Cyber Wins Best Client Support Business Award at the Business Awards UK

TechForce Cyber Clinches Prestigious Best Client Support Business Award at the Business Awards UK

TechForce Cyber Interviewed by The Herald

The Herald recently interviewed the Founder of TechForce Cyber, Jai Aenugu about what we do at TechForce Cyber and the services we provide to our clients

One Year In as a Marketer for TechForce Cyber

As we celebrate Libby, our Marketer's first anniversary with us at TechForce Cyber, we reflect on her contributions to our team as our Marketer.

TechForce's Successful Cyber Event on the NorthLink Ferries

During Cyber Scotland Week, we had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary event aboard a one-of-a-kind venue, the NorthLink Ferries at Aberdeen

Why is There a Lack of Women in Cyber?

It is evident that there is an underlying issue with the underrepresentation of women within the field of cybersecurity...

The 2024 Cyber Security Trends Report

Discover the essential and upcoming #CyberTrendsUK2024

Founder of TechForce Cyber Interviewed by Safety Detectives

Our exclusive interview with Safety Detectives reveals the inside scoop into who we are, what we do, and the game-changing ways we help businesses defend against cyber threats.

TechForce Cyber on The Personal Brand Business Show

Dive into the world of personal branding and cybersecurity with Jai Aenugu, the founder of TechForce Cyber, on "The Personal Brand Business Show"

TechForce Cyber's Success at Digit Expo 2023

A few weeks ago marked a day of triumph and unexpected adventures for TechForce Cyber at the Digit Expo held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

TechForce Cyber at Scottish Cyber Awards

Celebrating an incredible night at the Scottish Cyber Awards with the TechForce Cyber team!

Jai is a Finalist for 'Leader of the Year' at the Scottish Cyber Awards 2023

Jai Aenugu, a prominent figure in the cybersecurity industry, proudly announces his nomination for the prestigious Leader of the Year category at the upcoming Scottish Cyber Awards 2023...

The £1.6m Heist

Kent Brushes, a small business with a rich history dating back to 1777, faced a devastating blow when £1.6 million was stolen in a matter of minutes through a sophisticated authorised push payment (APP) scam...

Your Organisation Through the Eyes of an Attacker - Scot Secure West 2023

Our workshop captured the attention of an impressive 70% of the event's delegates. Their insights and expertise left an indelible mark on the audience and underscored our unwavering commitment to elevating cybersecurity awareness.

Compliance and Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity is all about understanding, managing, controlling and mitigating risk to your organisation’s critical assets. We can help protect your infrastructure and ensure that you take all of the steps to make you cyber proof.

  • CSMA
  • CE Plus
  • Azure AD

News - Catch Jai on STV's Scotland Tonight

It's not often that journalists are left speechless, but when Jai managed to uncover STV's Sasha Spratt email password in minutes; it certainly stunned Sasha and the viewers at home.

Managed Detection & Response Services

With our managed detection and response services, you can get the knowledge, support and assistance that your organisation needs to ensure you are armed and prepared to readily act and prevent cyber threats.

Security Awareness Training

We are only human - 95% of cyber attacks happen due to human error; and as employees are being exposed to more and more phishing and ransomware attacks we want you to be fully aware and alert.

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We have a primary mission to ensure you have the support and information you need in our partnership with you.

Ensuring your business is cyber secure is our number one priority and a close second is having you fully satisfied with the work we have accomplished at the end of each project.

From the outset we work closely with you and apply our extensive knowledge and expertise across a range of industries. You can rely on our UK-based specialists team to reduce the burden of cyber security risks and deliver the outcomes you need.

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