Enhancing Cyber Resilience in Aberdeen

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. TechForce Cyber, a leading cyber security firm, recently partnered with two prominent local companies in Aberdeen to bolster their cyber defences through Tabletop Exercises and Cyber Maturity Assessments. These initiatives are designed to simulate cyber incidents and evaluate an organisation’s preparedness, ensuring robust cybersecurity postures.

What Are Tabletop Exercises and Cyber Maturity Assessments?

Tabletop Exercises: Are discussion-based sessions where team members review and discuss their roles during an emergency, walking through simulated cyber incident scenarios. This helps in identifying gaps in response plans, improving coordination, and ensuring all stakeholders understand their responsibilities.

Cyber Maturity Assessments: These assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s cybersecurity capabilities and readiness. By analysing policies, procedures, and technical controls, businesses can identify strengths and areas for improvement, aligning their security posture with industry best practices.

Case Study: Aberdeen Success Stories

Company A: Energy Solutions Provider

A key player in the Aberdeen energy sector, recognised the need for enhanced cyber security measures due to the critical nature of their operations. TechForce Cyber facilitated a Tabletop Exercise to simulate a ransomware attack targeting their operational technology systems.

How TechForce Cyber Worked with the client:

Scenario Planning: Developed a realistic ransomware scenario affecting critical systems.

Team Engagement: Engaged cross-functional teams including IT, operations, and executive leadership.

Gap Analysis: Identified communication breakdowns and areas lacking sufficient response protocols.

Actionable Insights: Provided a detailed report with recommendations to improve incident response plans and technical defences.

Post-exercise, Energy Solutions Ltd. significantly improved their incident response procedures and implemented enhanced monitoring tools, reducing their risk of prolonged operational disruptions.

Company B: Financial Services Provider

A regional financial institution, sought to understand their cyber security maturity level and identify areas for strategic investment. TechForce Cyber conducted a Cyber Maturity Assessment to provide a clear view of their current state and a roadmap for improvement.

What TechForce Cyber Did:

Comprehensive Review: Evaluated policies, procedures, and technical controls across the organisation.

Benchmarking: Compared the company’s cybersecurity posture against industry standards and best practices.

Detailed Reporting: Delivered a comprehensive report highlighting strengths, vulnerabilities, and prioritised recommendations.

Strategic Roadmap: Developed a tailored improvement plan focusing on critical areas such as data protection, user training, and incident management.

Following the assessment, Aberdeen Financial Services implemented key recommendations, including advanced threat detection solutions and enhanced employee training programs, leading to a marked improvement in their cybersecurity resilience.

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