Managed Security Services

Strengthen your Cyber team with our managed services.

Let's fight for the good

Being the good guys we need to win every single time but the bad guys need to win only once. It's a constant challenge and can be stressful for internal and small teams. TechForce Cyber is here to help. We will be your extended cyber security team with our managed services. We offer the following managed services

  1. Managed Detection and Response
  2. Managed Vulnerability Assessments
  3. Managed Security Awareness Training
  4. Incident Response


On an average it takes 180 days for a business to detect a breach.


Check to see if your business ticks all boxes in order to achieve the Cyber Essentials certification.

Managed Detection and Response

With our managed detection and response services, you can get the knowledge, support and assistance that your organisation needs to ensure you are armed and prepared to readily act and prevent cyber threats.

Our team can provide managed services that educates you, your team and company wide with the cybersecurity intel and trusted software that will allow you to be alert to threats across your company’s networks and endpoints. This cybersecurity intel will help you shut down the risk element before it creates havoc in your business.

Managed Vulnerability Assessments

Stop worrying about the things you cannot control and start focusing on the things that you can control. Threat combined with a vulnerability becomes risk. You cannot neutralise the threats in most cases but if you can remove the vulnerability then risk becomes zero. That's exactly our expert team can help you with. We perform the continuous vulnerability assessments, manually check the results and advice the remediation plan.

Managed Security Awareness Training

We are only human - 95% of cyber attacks happen due to human error; and as employees are being exposed to more and more phishing and ransomware attacks we want you to be fully aware and alert.

Education around cyber security continues to be one of the most under-invested parts of our industry and yet, has the ability to have the greatest impact.

The TechForce Cyber team will help you with being educated and supported in this area and our main goal is to ensure that as many businesses as possible are aware of what cyber security is and how with adequate training and awareness, we will be able to safeguard more and more businesses in the UK.




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