TechForce Cyber Interviewed by The Herald

TechForce Cyber Interviewed by The Herald

The Herald recently interviewed the Founder of TechForce Cyber, Jai Aenugu about what we do at TechForce Cyber and the services we provide to our clients

Businesses are urged to focus on preventing online threats as cybercriminals continue to exploit vulnerabilities in digital systems. With the rise of remote work and increased reliance on digital infrastructure, the risk of cyberattacks has escalated significantly. Experts emphasise the importance of prioritising prevention measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain operational continuity.

Cybersecurity professionals stress the need for businesses to adopt a proactive approach rather than reacting to incidents after they occur. Implementing robust security protocols, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and regular software updates, can help mitigate risks and fortify defences against evolving cyber threats. Additionally, investing in employee training programs to raise awareness about cybersecurity best practices is essential in bolstering the human firewall and reducing the likelihood of successful attacks.

Furthermore, organisations must stay vigilant and adaptive in their cybersecurity strategies, continuously assessing and addressing potential vulnerabilities across their networks and systems. Collaborating with industry peers and leveraging threat intelligence sharing platforms can provide valuable insights into emerging threats and proactive defence strategies. By adopting a prevention-focused mindset and implementing comprehensive security measures, businesses can effectively mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats and safeguard their digital assets and operations.

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