Preparing for the Scot Secure Summit 2024

Preparing for the Scot Secure Summit 2024

TechForce Cyber, an Award Winning Cyber Security consultancy based in Scotland, stole the spotlight at Scot Secure West last year, held at the Innovation and Technology Centre at the University of Strathclyde. The event, hosted by DIGIT, brought together cybersecurity enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders for a day filled with enlightening workshops, networking opportunities, and engaging discussions, showcasing an array of expertise and networking growth. From badge-scanning recognition to engaging sessions and exciting giveaways, TechForce Cyber's presence was unmissable.

At the last scot secure summit, TechForce Cyber had several standout moments.

One of the standout moments of the conference was the session titled "Your Organisation Through the Eyes of an Attacker," led by TechForce Cyber's founder, Jai Aenugu, and consultant Holly Grace Williams. Their insights resonated with the audience, further solidifying TechForce Cyber's position as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space.

The TechForce Cyber stand was a hub of activity, featuring giveaways such as branded Minecraft swords and a Lego raffle that drew in a significant number of participants. Additionally, a lock-picking competition showcased the importance of robust security measures, with impressive feats of skill leaving attendees in awe.

With this years upcoming conference promising to deliver cutting-edge insights, innovative solutions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, TechForce Cyber are once again exhibiting at DIGIT's Scot Secure Summit at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. TechForce Cyber's participation at the event promises to elevate cybersecurity discourse and drive industry advancements.

As TechForce Cyber continues to expand its network, they are offering an array of exciting prizes including the mini Tesla Cybermobil. The winner will be announced at Digit Expo West in May! They also have a luxuriously unique whisky bottle up for grabs. The lock picking kits are back for people to attempt, and by popular demand, the iconic Minecraft swords have made a return!

Make sure you get down to both the Scot Secure Summit and Digit Expo West to meet the TechForce Cyber team and get involved with all the raffles, games and merchandise they have to offer!

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