TechForce Cyber's Success at Digit Expo 2023

TechForce Cyber: Stealing the Spotlight at Digit Expo with Innovation and Spontaneity

A few weeks ago marked a day of triumph and unexpected adventures for TechForce Cyber at the Digit Expo held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC). The team's vibrant presence and innovative showcase left a lasting impression on conference-goers, earning recognition for creativity and spontaneous decision-making.

TechForce CyberMobil

The TechForce stand, strategically positioned outside the main entrance of the EICC, quickly became a hot spot, stealing the show with the iconic CyberMobil. However, this bold move didn't go unnoticed by the parking warden, who promptly issued a ticket. While the fine was an unexpected cost, it turned out to be a small price to pay for the attention and excitement generated by the CyberMobil.

The decision to place the CyberMobil at the main entrance, despite the parking ticket, proved to be a stroke of genius. The vibrant display of TechForce's capabilities caught the eye of hundreds of delegates, creating a buzz around the stand that spread throughout the conference.


The Mini TechForce Tesla

Adding to the excitement was the mini version of the TechForce Tesla, strategically placed at the conference's main entrance thanks to the collaboration with the Digit team. Conference-goers flocked to the stand, eager to explore the innovative features of the mini Tesla and participate in the upcoming raffle for a chance to win this special prize.

One highlight of the event was Talentworx's Associate, Rachel Milln's test drive of the mini TechForce Tesla around the entire conference centre, showcasing the impressive capabilities of TechForce's cutting-edge technology. The captivating display attracted even more attention to the stand and generated positive conversations among attendees.

Prizes Galore: Minecraft Swords, Star Wars Lego & Lock Picking Contests

By lunchtime, the stand had experienced a delightful depletion of its offerings, including Minecraft Swords, Elf’s on shelves, and mugs. The popularity of these items reflected not only the creativity behind the showcase but also the fantastic teamwork from TechForce Cyber in orchestrating a perfect setup for the Expo.

We also have some lucky winners at the stand:

  • Congratulations to Shaun Rhodes who won our Lego set Raffle!
  • Congratulations also to Graeme McDonough, who showcased exceptional skills in our lock picking competition with the fastest time, also securing a Lego set prize!

TechForce Cyber: Shining Bright at Digit Expo and Beyond

The presence of TechForce Cyber at Digit Expo was nothing short of spectacular. Our team members unanimously agreed that this conference stood out as one of the most exceptional in their experience.

A highlight of the day was our engaging discussions with fellow exhibitors and attendees. We were passionate about sharing our cybersecurity services with potential clients, and our commitment to forging meaningful connections did not go unnoticed. In fact, we were honoured to receive recognition again for being the second top company which scanned the most badges among all exhibitors, a testament to our dedication to networking and building valuable relationships.

Looking ahead, TechForce Cyber is already gearing up for next year's events including Digit Expo West in Glasgow where the team plans to reveal the lucky winner of the mini TechForce Tesla at the event, inviting attendees to join them for another chance to win this special prize. The story of TechForce Cyber at Digit Expo serves as a testament to the power of innovation, spontaneity, and bold decisions in leaving a memorable mark on the cyber and tech industry.


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