TechForce Cyber's 2023 Review

TechForce Cyber's 2023 Review

What an incredible year it has been for TechForce Cyber! A year marked by substantial growth, innovation, and impressive sales achievements. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane into the key highlights of our journey and celebrate the collective accomplishments of our remarkable team.

Cyber Analyst Joins TechForce Cyber

Abrar Khan, our Cyber Analyst, joined TechForce Cyber in February of this year. His dedication to going above and beyond in the realm of cybersecurity has made him a valuable asset to our team, excelling as a key team player, contributing significantly to our collective success in the business. Whilst starting his journey with us he also studied and graduated with Masters in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity at Abertay University.

TechForce Cyber Turned 6

TechForce Cyber joyously celebrated its 6th anniversary on 14th March, commemorating the remarkable journey that has unfolded since founded in 2017. Over the years, we have navigated challenges, embraced opportunities, and evolved into a dynamic force within the tech industry. As we reflect on our growth, we express gratitude for the support and collaboration that have played integral roles in our success. Here's to the continued pursuit of excellence and innovation in the years to come!

Scot Secure Edinburgh

In March, we had the fantastic opportunity to participate as attendees at the Scot Secure Conference in Edinburgh. During this event, we engaged in enriching conversations with numerous cybersecurity and technology specialists. It was truly a remarkable experience to connect with such knowledgeable professionals and delve into insightful discussions that expanded our understanding of the ever-evolving fields of cybersecurity and technology.

Marketer Joins TechForce Cyber

In April, Libby MacKenzie commenced her role as a part-time Digital Marketing Assistant with us whilst at the time pursuing her Digital Marketing bachelor's degree at Robert Gordon University. Libby graduated with her Bachelors in Digital Marketing this summer. She has impressively managed marketing initiatives for the company. Libby excels in promoting our business across diverse social media platforms and has successfully organised various events. Libby began her new full-time position with us as a Marketing and Business Administrator in October.

Jai Nominated as Equality Finalist at the IOD Scotland Director of the Year Awards

In May, our founder, Jai Aenugu was nominated as an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Finalist as part of the IoD Scotland Director of the Year Award. A great achievement that Jai is very much passionate about!

Digit North

We had a fantastic time at P&J Live for the Digit North Conference!

Holly Grace Williams did an incredible talk for us at the breakfast briefing. Lots of visitors and exhibitors came to say hello, visited our stand and helped themselves to our goody bags and TechForce Cybermobils which were all gone by lunchtime! lots of people gave a good attempt at our lockpicking kit and dartboard which went down a treat!

Abrar Passed Vulnerability Assessment Plus

Throughout the summer months, Abrar Khan dedicated his efforts to accomplish a significant milestone in his professional journey. He successfully earned the Vulnerability Assessment Plus Certification, a distinguished credential offered by The Cyber Scheme. This achievement not only reflects Abrar's commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity practices but also underscores his expertise in assessing and addressing vulnerabilities within digital systems.

Abrar Became Cyber Essentials Plus Assessor

Our Cybersecurity Analyst, Abrar Khan, successfully completed the Cyber Essentials Plus Assessor workshop and passed the course examination, he earned the title of being a Cyber Essentials Assessor in April then became a Cyber Essentials Plus Assessor in July both certified by The IASME Consortium

TechForce Summer Team Outing

We had a great team outing this summer, involving a tasty feast, a thrilling bowling showdown, delicious drink tasting, and dance moves that rocked the house.

Team building exercises play a vital role in creating a cohesive, motivated, and productive team. They contribute to improved communication, relationships, and problem-solving skills, all of which are essential for achieving success in the workplace


Scot Secure West

What an electrifying experience it was for us at the Scot Secure West conference held at the Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde! From captivating conversations with fellow exhibitors and curious visitors to showcasing our cutting-edge cyber services, this event had truly been a whirlwind of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Jai Aenugu and Holly Grace Williams, took centre stage with their riveting workshop, 'Your Organisation Through the Eyes of an Attacker.' With nearly a full house of 150 delegates, they shed light on the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and how to stay one step ahead. Watch here

The Great Balmoral Bakeoff For Charity

TechForce Cyber, alongside the amazing Gillian Graham, hosted a fantastic baking extravaganza at the Balmoral Hub, bringing together all the companies in the building for a thrilling baking showdown! Competing to earn the coveted title of 'Star Baker,' participants whipped up delectable treats that had everyone's taste buds dancing

But it's was not all about the icing and sprinkles – we baked for a great cause!

We raised funds to support our founder, Jai Aenugu, who took on the Berlin Marathon 2023 to champion Mental Health Foundation's mission. He did a fantastic job and was able to raise over thousand pounds!

Cyber Awareness Month

October marked 20 years of Cyber Awareness Month. We commemorated this milestone through our campaign, providing valuable insights and actionable tips on how to stay protected online. From securing your personal data to recognising the latest cyber threats

You can find our article commemorating the month here

At the end of the month as part of our finale for Cyber Awareness Month Jai Aenugu and Abrar Khan, held a greatly immersive Q&A session on all things cyber! This event was a great opportunity to gain direct access and ask any crucial questions to the minds behind the technology and strategies that keep our digital world secure! Check it out here

Our New Administration Assistant

Sandeep Bodapatla joined TechForce Cyber as our administration assistant and has proven to be a valuable addition to the team. He has effectively contributed to both administration and finance tasks, showcasing his capabilities and enhancing our overall productivity.

Talk to Cyber Security Students at Portlethan Academy

Our very own Abrar Khan had the incredible opportunity to visit Portlethen Academy to share invaluable insights on all things Cybersecurity with the brilliant Cybersecurity S4-S6 students

From cyber threats to digital safety, he delved into the world of online security, offering practical tips on how to stay safe in today's digital landscape

Abrar's passion for Cybersecurity truly shone through as he inspired the next generation to consider the dynamic and rewarding career opportunities in this ever-evolving field

Special thank you to Portlethen Academy for having us!

Talk to Cyber Security Master Students at RGU

Jai Aenugu and Abrar Khan had the privilege of presenting to nearly 100 Master Cyber students about our day-to-day activities, the cybersecurity challenges businesses are tackling head-on, and the exciting career opportunities awaiting them

Our discussion included vital insights into the technical and non-technical skills that international students should cultivate after their Masters, ensuring a successful journey in the ever-evolving cybersecurity field

We want to thank Robert Gordon University for having us!

Our New Business Development Manager

Adam Morrison joined TechForce Cyber as our Business Development Manager in November. Since then, he has proven to be an invaluable member of our team. His exceptional skills and dedication have significantly contributed to the company's success by generating increased sales and expanding our business. Adam's strategic approach and effective communication have not only strengthened our client relationships but have also played a pivotal role in driving growth and achieving key milestones.

SCIS Schools event

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the SCIS ICT Manager Meeting, graciously hosted by St Leonards School at the Abertay cyberQuarter in Dundee!

It provided an excellent platform for engaging discussions with fellow Cyber and IT Managers in the education sector. Jai Aenugu and Holly Grace Williams presented a great workshop on Cyber Essentials, Cyber Security Incidents, and testing

We are also thrilled to announce that St Leonards School has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification under our guidance and services, Congratulations! Well done to Calum Race for a brilliant event and thank you for getting us involved!

Digit Expo West

We stole the spotlight at Digit Expo, creating a buzz of innovation and excitement at the EICC. The CyberMobil at our stand, strategically placed at the main entrance, drew attention (and an unexpected parking ticket). Our mini TechForce Tesla, navigated by Rachel Milln, garnered interest with a test drive around the conference centre. By lunchtime, our popular goodies like Minecraft Swords, Elf’s on shelves, and mugs were quickly claimed!

Well done to the TechForce Cyber team for orchestrating a successful stand at the event! Thank you to Ray Bugg and Jill Kerr once again for organising this fantastic conference!

Stay tuned for next year's Digit Expo West in Glasgow, where we'll announce the winner of our mini TechForce Tesla – a special prize awaits!


Jai and Abrar nominated at Cyber Security Awards

Our leader Jai Aenugu was nominated for 'Cyber Security Influencer' of the year, and our Cyber Analyst Abrar Khan was nominated 'Cyber Newcomer' of the year at the Cyber Security Awards in London last week.

They might not of won but their dedication and hard working ethic proves how valuable they are at TechForce Cyber and within Cyber Security!

Talk at Glasgow Caledonian University

TechForce Cyber had the privilege of speaking at Glasgow Caledonian University. Abrar Khan and Jai Aenugu shared insights into the daily responsibilities of a Cyber Security professional, emphasising the importance of thorough system checks and vulnerability assessments for Cyber Essentials and Plus.

Jai provided valuable insights on the right mindset for success in Cyber Security careers, emphasising continuous learning and resilience. We hope that the students found the session valuable and looks forward to future opportunities.

Thank you to Colin Raeburn for hosting us!

Jai Nominated for Leader of the year at the Scottish Cyber Awards

Had an amazing night at the Scottish Cyber Awards with the TechForce Cyber team! Although our leader, Jai Aenugu didn't win Leader of the Year, he's unquestionably OUR leader of the year!

Special thanks to Barry Webb, Conor Bradley, David McCready, Margaret-anne Ramage, and Mark Hilson for joining our table and offering unwavering support!

Congrats to all the winners and finalists, well deserved! Finally a big thank you to Cyber and Fraud Centre - Scotland for hosting this phenomenal ceremony!

Team TechForce Christmas Outing

The TechForce Cyber team had a fantastic festive day out! We had a delicious three course meal at The Station Hotel whilst reminiscing on our highlights and raised a glass to a year of success! Our mischievous elf indulged in a festive sip or two during our Christmas lunch! Keep an eye out, our elf might still be lingering at the hotel...

Cyber Security Trends Report 2024

Our New 2024 Cyber Security Trends Report is about to drop very soon! Unveiling the latest strategies to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Don't miss out – sign up now and be the first to defend your digital defences!

Join us on Wednesday 10th January for an enlightening session as we unravel the insights within TechForce Cyber's 2024 trend report. Our hosts Jai Aenugu and Abrar Khan will share key insights and answer your burning questions! Don't miss out on this opportunity!

To Wrap Up...

2023 has proven to be remarkable year for us at TechForce Cyber, marked by a significant influx of new employees joining our ranks and the continued expansion of both new and existing client relationships. Our growth is evident, and we are advancing each day.

Approximately 123 companies have obtained certifications through our services this year, thanks to the collaborative efforts of all our team members who closely engage with clients as well as the dedicated individuals working behind the scenes, handling certification processes, promotional activities, marketing, sales, and finance – collectively contributing to the sustained presence of TechForce Cyber!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year when it comes and here's to 2024!

Remember we are here to defend YOUR digital presence!

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