TechForce Cyber Responds to Cyber Gang Accused of Industrial Fraud

TechForce Cyber Responds to Cyber Gang Accused of Industrial Fraud

This morning it was reported that police have arrested 37 people worldwide that have been accused of using services to create fake text messages that would purposely steal from victims. This has resulted in stolen personal information including 480,000 card numbers and 64,000 pin codes. Detectives are not sure about how much money was stolen but it was estimated that the gangs main website 'LabHost' has made almost £1 million in profits.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Dame Lynne Owens responded to the incident stating: "You are more likely to be a victim of fraud than any other crime. Our approach is to be more precise and targeted, with a clear focus on those enabling online fraud to be carried out on an international scale."

TechForce Cyber, expresses deep concern over this cyber attack that has affected many individuals worldwide. This cyber fraud highlights ever evolving threats that both individuals and organisations, regardless of their size, face within this progressional digital landscape.

As cyber attacks continue to evolve, the necessity for more cyber security implementations for businesses has become apparent. TechForce Cyber are prepared to contribute its expertise to support affected organisations, minimise risks, and develop a secure digital environment.

TechForce Cyber remains dedicated to advancing cyber security solutions, empowering organisations to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats and ensuring the resilience of their digital infrastructure.

Please contact us if you want to talk about how your organisation can take the preventative measures now to avoid a future cyber attack:

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