Cyber Essentials for Remote Businesses

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber essentials refer to the fundamental technical controls and practices that businesses need to have in place to protect their digital systems and data from cyber threats. These include measures like firewalls, secure configurations, user access controls, security update management, and malware protection. By implementing these controls, businesses can mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, data breaches, and unauthorised access to sensitive information.

Why Do You Need Cyber Essentials?

As a remote business, your operations are conducted outside the traditional office environment, which introduces unique cybersecurity challenges. Remote work arrangements increase the potential for cyber threats, as employees connect to various networks and use their personal devices for work. Cyber essentials provide a proactive approach to safeguarding your business, client data, and reputation from cyber risks.

Controls for Remote Businesses

Many businesses have shifted to remote work arrangements. While the cyber essentials requirements are the same in terms of controls for both on-site and remote businesses, there are a few specific areas that remote businesses need to pay attention to.

  1. Your Director's Home as Your Headquarters: For fully remote businesses, consider your director's home as the central hub of your operations. When asked about network equipment, provide details about the internet service provider (ISP) router used at the director's home. This should be the router details provided by the ISP, like Virgin Media or Cisco Meraki, etc. along with their model.
  2. Operating System (OS) Software Firewalls Enabled: Since remote businesses operate outside of traditional office spaces, it's important to enhance security on your devices. It is a must to enable the built-in software firewalls on all your devices, such as laptops, and desktops.
  3. Specify Your Location as All UK Offices: As fully remote, the geographical location (if in the UK) should be answered as all UK offices if there isn’t a specific one.

What Is The outcome?

By Implementing cyber essentials controls, remote businesses establish a strong foundation for data protection. Businesses can reduce the risk of cyber threats, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain the trust of clients and customers.

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Step 1: Organisation Size

Step 2: Pick Cyber Essentials Package

  • Cyber Essentials Basic - CEB001

    £300 + VAT


    2 Days for Remediation

    1 Day Turnaround

    £25k Cyber Insurance*

    The package explained

    *Insurance details are on IASME website

  • Guided Cyber Essentials - CEB002

    £500 + VAT

    Everything in CEB001 plus


    Online/Phone Support

    *Insurance details are on IASME website

  • Cyber Essentials Plus - CEP001

    £1500 + VAT

    Everything in CEB002 Plus

    30 Day Remediation

    Systems Audit (remote)

    *Insurance details are on IASME website

  • Guided CE Plus - CEP002

    £2500 + VAT

    Everything in CEP001 plus

    Pre- systems Audit

    Gap Analysis report



    *Insurance details are on IASME website

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