5 Reasons to get Cyber Essentials and Plus for your Business

There have been a few changes made to the framework in the year 2022 and 2023. The changes in 2022 were major and 2023 were not so much. However, one key change to note in 2023 is the mandatory requirement of 2FA across all cloud services for all the users and not just the admins which seem to be tripping up lots of businesses. Here is our blog on Cyber Essentials Montpellier update.


1) Cyber Hygiene

    Cyber Essentials is a great framework for achieving Cyber baseline in your business. In most cases, businesses approach us not knowing where to start with Cyber Security and we advise them to look at achieving Cyber Essentials certification as it is a great beginner level of achieving Cyber Hygiene.

    With the Cyber Essentials Plus certification you can actually undergo a technical audit and get your security controls checked by a qualified and accredited Certification Body which provides extra assurance to your clients. Here is our blog on [what exactly is involved in Cyber Essentials Plus technical audit]

    2) Public Sector Tenders

      If your business is looking to work with the Public sector organisations in the UK then chances are that you will be asked to get Cyber Essentials (CE) or Cyber Essentials Plus certification. If it is the Ministry of Defence (MoD) you are trying to work for then it's a mandatory requirement and in most cases you will need to get CE plus certification for the extra assurance. CE plus involves more rigorous tests than the CE self-assessment and it provides the extra assurance to your clients, especially the public sector.

      If you are subcontracting to a company that is contracted to MoD then they might push the requirement down to you. It is better to be proactive and achieve the certification before that happens.


      3) Cyber Insurance Premium

      Lately we have been noticing the motivation for lots of businesses approaching us for Cyber Essentials if they were asked by their Insurance company if they have the certification. We cannot guarantee that having a Cyber Essentials certification will reduce your insurance premium but not having one might not work in your favour. Also, getting the certification means you will be ready to answer most of the questionnaire for your Cyber Insurance Premium.

      4) Supply Chain Assurance

      It’s a follow up from point number 2. Most public sector organisations are mandating their supply chain to have the Cyber Essentials certification and now it seems that the private sector is following suit too. We speak to lots of Security and IT leaders who express the opinion of pushing the Cyber Essentials requirement to their supply chain. Rather than waiting for the requirement to be pushed it will be a better business case to achieve the certification proactively.

      5) Competitive Advantage

      It gives you the competitive advantage to your business. Imagine you are tendering for a project along with 5 other companies and none of them have Cyber Essentials certification or maybe they have the CE self-assessment but not CE plus. On the other hand, you have the CE plus certification. Usually, the CE plus certification takes about 1 week to a couple of months to achieve it depending on the status and the complexities of your security controls and network respectively. In most cases, it’s hard for your competitors to achieve the certification in time for the tender. Here is our blog post on How long does it take to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus.

      Hope that helps but let’s not stop the good work with Cyber Essentials certification. Once you achieve the certification you can enhance your security further by adopting one of these frameworks NCSC 10 steps to Cyber Security, NIST CyberSecurity Framework and ISO 27001.

      For more information on Cyber Essentials and getting certified please reach us at hello@techforce.co.uk

      Do check out our other blogs on Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certification

      Step 1: Organisation Size

      Step 2: Pick Cyber Essentials Package

      • Cyber Essentials Basic - CEB001

        £300 + VAT


        2 Days for Remediation

        1 Day Turnaround

        £25k Cyber Insurance*

        The package explained

        *Insurance details are on IASME website

      • Guided Cyber Essentials - CEB002

        £500 + VAT

        Everything in CEB001 plus


        Online/Phone Support

        *Insurance details are on IASME website

      • Cyber Essentials Plus - CEP001

        £1500 + VAT

        Everything in CEB002 Plus

        30 Day Remediation

        Systems Audit (remote)

        *Insurance details are on IASME website

      • Guided CE Plus - CEP002

        £2500 + VAT

        Everything in CEP001 plus

        Pre- systems Audit

        Gap Analysis report



        *Insurance details are on IASME website

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