Cyber Scotland Week 2021

As we witnessed last year COVID-19 forced companies of all sizes remote working environments and meant that cloud-based platforms were the saving grace. Connected devices are also more streamlined now with the roll-out of 5G, which means that one necessity – cybersecurity has never been more important to help businesses and individuals stay safe in the current climate.

Last year and this year there is an increase in remote workers being targeted by cybercriminals and it is important for employers to know all about cybersecurity wellbeing in order for it to be drip-fed to the employees using company data.

In the last twelve months there has also been an escalation in cloud breaches and this means that the cybersecurity skills gap will remain an issue. Thankfully it is that time of year for CyberScotland Week - a weeklong series of events making Scotland cyber aware and resilient.

The objective of the now online week of events will be to help individuals, businesses and students increase cyber awareness, learn about the new innovation in cybersecurity and also look at how they can pursue a career in cybersecurity.

One of the champions of CyberScotland Week will be Jai Aenugu, managing director at TechForce, a cybersecurity specialist firm based in Aberdeen. Jai set up the business in 2016 following a career in IT. His mission is to make the job easier for all IT workers by using effective technologies, by giving companies the tools they need to protect their business. He is passionate about what he does as he has seen how secure infrastructures work from the ground up.

“CyberScotland Week 2021 I predict to be the biggest yet. Last year technology left a legacy of survival during the pandemic. Many businesses sadly still are not cybersecure even by industry standards and now is never more an important time to really gear up and protect data and assets from cybercrime”. Says Jai

“We will be running webinars and daily cybersecurity takeaway sessions, so please tune in if you can. Myself and my panel of industry experts will prove enlightenment on the subject”.

CyberScotland Week will run from 22nd - 28th February 2021

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