TechForce Cyber Talks Cyber Security to the Portlethen Academy Students

Abrar, representing TechForce Cyber, took the students on a captivating journey through the intricate world of cybersecurity. Covering topics ranging from emerging cyber threats to crucial aspects of digital safety, Abrar provided practical tips that are essential in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape. The session was an immersive experience designed to enhance the students' understanding of online security. Abrar asked students to share their perspectives on cybersecurity and what they discovered was eye-opening and certainly worth sharing.

Arbrar with the student at Porthlethen Academy

We began by understanding that cybersecurity isn't just about technology; it's a set of habits that we all need to embrace, given how much we interact with digital devices every day, especially in this era of smart technology. The kids quickly grasped that it's not just about protecting data or networks; it's about safeguarding our everyday activities online.

To make it more engaging, we delved into the concepts of the "blue team" and the "red team" in cybersecurity. The kids were fascinated by the idea that these two groups play a vital role in strengthening our digital defenses. The blue team, responsible for defense, and the red team, tasked with finding vulnerabilities, contribute together to improve cyberspace.

To illustrate the importance of cybersecurity, we shared some fun examples of what a "loophole" is and discussed actual breaches, explaining how these incidents occur. The kids were intrigued by the idea that seemingly small weaknesses can lead to significant security breaches.

We also talked about practical tips for staying safe on public Wi-Fi networks and highlighted the importance of avoiding threats like "shoulder surfing" and "social engineering." The kids quickly understood the need to be vigilant and cautious while using public networks.

One of the most thought-provoking parts of our discussion revolved around the idea that our online activities and the devices we use, such as phones and smart speakers, may be listening to us. We emphasized that once something is posted online, it can stay there forever. This sparked a conversation about the importance of digital privacy and the need to be mindful of what we share online.

Rather than promoting fear and avoidance of technology, we encouraged the kids to look at the positive aspects of digital innovation and to adopt safe practices to ensure their digital hygiene. We drew parallels between taking care of our physical and emotional health and taking care of our digital well-being. The discussion left us with the belief that with the right knowledge and habits, we can navigate the digital world securely and confidently.

"Connecting with the brilliant young minds at Portlethen Academy was an enriching experience for me. As I shared insights on cybersecurity, I witnessed the spark of curiosity and potential in these students. Nurturing their interest is not just about securing the digital world; it's about igniting a passion that will shape the future of cybersecurity." Says Abrar.

Beyond imparting knowledge, Abrar's genuine passion for cybersecurity shone through, inspiring the next generation to explore the dynamic and rewarding career opportunities within this ever-evolving field. His engaging presentation not only showcased the importance of cybersecurity but also emphasized the critical role young minds can play in shaping the future of digital security.

TechForce Cyber thanks Portlethen Academy and the teaching staff for opening its doors and allowing us the opportunity to connect with and inspire the cybersecurity enthusiasts of tomorrow. The collaboration reflects our commitment to nurturing talent, promoting cybersecurity awareness, and contributing to the educational journey of aspiring professionals.

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