The Best Ransomware protection for your business

The traditional Anti-Virus doesn't cut it anymore. You will need the next-gen software that can stop known and unknown threats.

According to a survey there were nearly 4500 ransomware attacks per day in 2017 and they are expected to raise this year. The biggest cause of ransomware attacks is the unknown executables, zero day threats. The threats that were born literally in the last few seconds.

Malware is getting so sneaky that traditional AntiVirus software is struggling to keep up. So we have partnered with SentinelOne to keep your business safe.


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The traditional Anti-Virus solutions which work on the basis of signatures and definitions would not detect the these unknown executables unless they have signatures for them. That is exactly why your business need the next generation Anti-Virus tools that can detect known and unknown threats your organisation is faced with.

At TechForce, we only promote next generation AV software, SentinelOne.


These solutions utilise the EDR technology and application classification which means if an executable is not classified as a good-ware it has no chance of running on your network. This is the best protection against Ransomware attacks.

These software are SAAS and no infrastructure and complex configurations required.

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