Quality Policy

The TechForce, is a UK based cyber security business with their head office in Aberdeen. The nature of the Company’s activities places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, reliability and quality.

It is the policy of The TechForce to provide a service to our clients that is to a high professional standard and the Company is committed to a programme of continual review, update and improvement of the Quality Management System.

The TechForce has identified who our interested parties are including clients, regulators, government and local authorities, legislative and certification bodies and what their requirements and expectations are and through our risk-based management system processes we shall ensure that their requirements are met.

The Quality Management System controls all of the activities of the Company and provides for the planning of business processes, for resourcing and implementation, and for the analysis of data gathered through monitoring and measuring.

We supplement this Quality Policy by setting business objectives for the continuous improvement of business performance and enhancing client satisfaction. Objectives are set by management and the performance measured and reviewed continually. We provide and manage resources necessary to deliver our objectives and to provide a safe and suitable work environment for our employees.

The fulfilment of this Quality Policy and objectives requires the involvement and commitment of all personnel and to achieve this The TechForce has implemented a process that identifies competency requirements for staff that provides objectives, career development, analysis of training needs and further training. This will entail achieving conformance with all contractual, legal and regulatory requirements and satisfying all client requirements.

We shall ensure that this policy and related objectives are communicated to all employees through personnel commitment and involvement.

The TechForce commits to:

  • Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory controls
  • Demonstrating all aspects of continual improvement and making best use of available resources in quality matters
  • Communicating our quality objectives and performance against these objectives throughout the company and to all interested parties
  • Ensuring that all activities are safe for staff and all other interested parties who come into contact with our work environment
  • Continual development of the quality management system to ensure it remains effective
  • Working closely with clients, suppliers and partners to establish the highest quality standards
  • Investigating any complaints and doing our best to putting right all justified complaints in a timely manner
  • Adopting a forward-looking view on future business decisions that may have impacts on quality
  • Training staff and other interested parties to understand the needs and requirements of our quality management system
  • Make our quality policy available to our staff and all other interested parties, as appropriate

As part of our continual improvement, The TechForce openly welcomes feedback from all customers including suppliers and other interested parties. Should any customers have a complaint, the details can be forwarded to hello@thetechforce.co.uk

The Quality manual will be reviewed and monitored regularly by the Director and compliance team with regular reporting of the status and effectiveness to the whole of The TechForce.

Jai Aenugu, CISSP



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