Ticketmaster Data Breach

Background to the Incident

Ticketmaster is the most relied concert ticket platform for customers across the globe. After they allegedly suffered a cyber attack which lead to difficulties in customers purchasing Taylor Swift's Era's Tour tickets last November, they have again been targeted with another recent cyber attack...

Last month, Ticketmaster, confirmed a data breach that affected over 560 million of their customers. It's owner Live Nation confirmed that their was unauthorised activity after a gang of hackers claimed to have stolen the customers personal details. The personal details included names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details for ticket purchases.

How it happened

The breach was first publicised by hackers through an advert that was posted consisting of data they received. Ticketmaster only confirmed this with shareholders few days after the advert was publicised.

Analysts claim that this data breach may potentially be part of a larger hacking scheme involving the cloud service provider called Snowflake, a large organisation that stores cloud data which is used by Ticketmaster themselves. The hack targeted towards Snowflake resulted in 30 million of their customers personal information to be stolen. Snowflake notified their customers on the cyber hack that were targeting their personal accounts.

What has been done to recover

Live Nation stated that they are working to "mitigate risk" to their customers, notifying them about the unauthorised access to their personal information obtained by the hackers. However, the company claimed that this wont have a huge financial impact to its business operations but will continue to analyse the risks identified and have been quick to remediate efforts.

The FBI have offered to assist on this case along with the Australian Government, stating that they are working with Ticketmaster to scrutinise the issue in hand.

How to prevent yourself and your business

If you are worried that a potential cyber attack may affect your business then follow these steps to prevent any cyber incidents occurring to yourself and your business:

  • Stay alert on any phishing emails you may receive in your inbox or spam
  • Reset and create unique passwords so that hackers can't easily access your information
  • Set up two factor authentication for more protection on your devices and personal information
  • Train your colleagues through training programmes to protect themselves from potential cyber incidents
  • Contact us for guidance and cyber related services to ensure that your business is fully secured

Please contact us if you want to talk about how your organisation can take the right steps now to avoid a future cyber attack:

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