National Cyber Security awareness month

The month of October is a very important month in the calendar for the security industry. October is known as the (NCSAM) national cyber security awareness month and now recognised by many countries around the globe, with the overall initiative to promote cyber security.

The idea originates from the United States, specifically the department of homeland security and the National Cyber Security Alliance who launched the national cyber security awareness month October for the first time back in 2004. Now 15 years old and growing, so is it’s following and promotion throughout not just America, but also all over the world.

In the European Union there is one core website which helps organise events and provides some fantastic resources.

- European cyber security month website

There are three major websites for America, which are listed below.

- Homeland security

- National Cyber Security Alliance

- National Initiative for cyber security careers and studies

What can you do to get involved and spread the word? All of the websites above have some fantastic resources, so that it’s possible to bring the cyber security month into your business. The resources include:

- Posters for hanging around the office (lock your computer, improving password strength etc)

- Illustrations/comic strips showing the good and bad of cyber security.

- Videos for education users about cyber security.

Lets remember, that similar to “a dog is not just for Christmas”, cyber security is not just for October, it’s always needed, and constantly changing. Therefore get involved and make users aware of the ongoing security measures they can put in place to protect themselves and the business.

Some key points that need to be remembered when doing this are;

- Cyber Security is not just for the office, it also affects users at home.

- Cyber Security is not just for normal staff, it also needs enforced to board members.

If you need some help setting up some cyber security events, feel free to get in touch and we can definitely find a way to help you get this up and running.

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