Is it a good idea to build your own Security Awareness Training Platform?


The short answer is no. We speak to numerous companies on a daily basis regarding the security awareness training and very rarely we come across a company that wants to build their own security awareness platform. In many cases, we come across companies that already some sort of internal training programme or a platform and they talk to us because they are fed up with how time consuming it is and want us to make their job easy. Continue reading and you’ll know why.

Firstly, you need to have really good enough reason to justify building your own SAT platform. Here are the things you need to build your own.

  • Developer skills
  • Hosting
  • Content creation
  • Maintenance
  • Feature rich
  • Integration

The biggest hurdle in the process is to create content and keeping it fresh and relevant. Then developing a platform that can make your job easy in terms of managing, reporting and integrating with others. Hosting, skills, maintenance are other things that make it almost difficult to justify. You will also need to have some sort of way to measure the effectiveness of your training and the system need to integrate with your content platform. For example, running Phishing campaigns on a consistent basis.

We spoke to a business almost a year ago now. When we sent them the quotation for the platform we provide, they said they will build their own. A year later nothing has changed. They are still thinking.

What would be a good idea instead?

In today’s day and age, there are tons of platforms out there to help you with the Security Awareness Training. It will cost you much less than what you would spend to build your own. Look at a few platforms, see which one fits your needs, evaluate the platform then you’re in business. You don’t need a developer, content creator and hosting kit. If you’re a 100 user company the platform might cost around £1500 per year but to build your own will cost you an arm and a leg.

Need to know how do you choose a Security Awareness Platform? We’ve got your back, here’s a blog post for you.

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