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I can already hear you say “But you always tell us to NEVER share our passwords with anyone!”

There will be times where you need to share passwords with your team. With more services moving to cloud this is now more evident than ever. For example, you have a shared resource, a website host login, HMRC login, some kind of online service with only one login, etc… you get the gist. We are talking about passwords for online services and not the PC login passwords. This happens a lot in a small business.

So how do you share the passwords safely?

Please don’t share them by shouting across the office or passing sticky notes across the desk!

The answer is very simple, A Password Manager.

We use LastPass in our organization and we like it. All of the team members have an account in LastPass with company email. These are free accounts. Everytime we need to share a password we will just share it with the LastPass. Very occasionally the other person needs to see the actual password then we can enable this to happen in the LastPass. We can also go back and remove the share anytime. This way you can manage all online login passwords centrally and still be able to share with other employees in the business. Now there is no need to shout private details across the office.

There are a few other benefits with a password manager. It can help you create strong passwords and help you to remember them. Most of these password managers now also work on smartphones. App logins and website logins on the smartphones are easier than ever, some even use your fingerprint to get in. There are a few password managers around. Examples are LastPass, Dashlane and Keeper are some of the popular ones. They all have Google Chrome and Firefox extensions, making life even easier for you!

We hope that was helpful. If you need more assistance or your business security to be reviewed say hi in the chat box, or give us a call on 01224 51 61 81.

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