5 Reasons why you should consider having two monitors

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In one of my jobs, one day I went up to my manager and said,

‘we need to standardise two monitors setup across the board’

He was a finance director and said NO. I explained the benefits but he still said no. The next morning I set up two monitors for him. Left it for two weeks and then asked for the second monitor to be back. He said no and long story short, we standardised the dual monitor setup across the company.

Why did I suggest a dual monitor setup? Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Productivity

Simple. Get more done. With two screens you have more screen space. You can view multiple applications at the same time on two different screens and work with them. I personally prefer to have my emails on one screen and the browser on the other screen as most of our apps are web-based. You will no longer to need to switch between the apps to view them, you can simply drag and drop files across the screens.

2. Referencing

Referencing between apps is much easy. You can have two applications on two screens and work. For example, you are extracting information from a PDF or a website into an excel spreadsheet then having them both side-by-side is much simpler to work with.

3. Comparison

This is similar to referencing. Comparing the data between the two apps is a piece of cake with two screens. Having two files side by side and comparing is much easier. There are many benefits to having a dual screen setup. As well as the benefits one drawback of this set up is it takes up the desk space. Given the upside outweighs the downside I would absolutely recommend having a two monitor setup.

4. Collaboration

When using video sharing application such as Skype or Zoom, you can have the video of the person you are chatting with on one screen while referencing files or sharing the other screen.

5. Simple to Use

Most modern computers and laptops come with the ability to use dual monitors and works well with docking stations. Read more about why laptops are better than desktops for your business here. Once set up and configured they are very easy and doesn’t usually require any additional software.

Ultimately using 2 screens leads to increased productivity due to larger and and more flexible work space. Costs have reduced considerably for monitors in recent years, making it easier for you to convince your Finance Director!

Here are some great monitors you can buy

Samsung 24" LED

Dell 24" Full HD

Koorui 24" Full HD

Curved Monitors:

Koorui 24" Full HD

ViewSonic 32" HD

Samsung Odyssey 27" QLED

Here at The TechForce we love helping companies use technology better to improve their business. If you need help improving the efficiency of the IT systems in your business send us a message here.

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