TechForce Cyber: Defending Your Digital Presence

TechForce Cyber was born in the year 2017 to provide innovative, quality and cyber security-driven solutions to the clients, as well as supporting key partners and strengthening relationships within the industry.

Led by IT and cyber security trailblazer Jai Aenugu, the founder and CEO of TechForce, we strive to retain our competitive edge and we create solid, long lasting cyber security journeys with everyone we work with.

Introduction to TechForce Cyber

Our knowledge, becomes your safety when it comes to cyber security protection

We are your trusted partner in cyber security

The TechForce Cyber team fully appreciates and embraces the value of providing the best cyber security support and services when it comes to protecting your business, employees and assets.

Jai and the team lead with a modern and realistic approach, to the needs and wants of businesses and with a strong network of industry partners means TechForce Cyber lead the way in talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to cyber security.

We cover all sectors on and are expanding into new geographical territories. People are starting to identify TechForce Cyber and its leader Jai with trusted support and services that will ensure safety and cyber wellbeing.

TechForce Cyber wants to create lasting relationships with our clients and ensure they are protected for the worst case scenario when it comes to cyber security threats. We are here to help guide you with our expert advice and resources to provide you with market leading products, to keep your business safe.

Meet Jai - the Founder and CEO of TechForce Cyber

  • TechForce Cyber

    TechForce Cyber was established in January 2017, less than a year after Jai won the Entrepreneurial Supporter of the Year honour at the 2016 Elevator Awards in recognition of his dedication to helping other companies and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. In June 2018, Jai was shortlisted for the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year category at the Elevator Awards.


    I had been an IT Manager for the best part of 7 years. During that time, I dealt with lots of suppliers. Almost every supplier/vendor I had a meeting with made the promises which later found out they can't keep. The companies with more than 20 years experience were not able to deliver a customer experience they said they would. I can remember only a handful of companies delivered an exceptional service and as a result these companies are doing really well. There was only one reason for this, the culture.

    Most IT Manager's job is already chaos and on top of that, dealing with these false promises is not what we need. That's exactly why I started TechForce Cyber. I wanted to build a company that helps IT professionals make an informed decision. I wanted to build a company that clients love to work with and the employees love to work at. We educate, innovate and inspire IT professionals. As Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon said, 'We don't make money by selling products. We make money by helping people to make the right decision'. We do whatever it takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As a result we secured 52 clients in just 20 months with 100% retention rate. My attitude towards the customer service is inspired by a book called 'Delivering Happiness' by Tony Hsieh.

  • Our commitment to the community

    We are committed to the cause of education and helping communities. During 2019 alone, we sponsored 5 individuals to study towards their ComppTIA Security + qualification. We have also been helping with the education of 3 children in Kenya via the Gathimba Edwards Foundation. During 2020 our objective is to increase the number of individual sponsorships. Stay tuned to our blog for more news!

    We regularly work with local schools, colleges and universities to encourage more people into Cyber Security and educating the next generation about the industry.

  • About Jai

    A masters graduate from Edinburgh Napier University Jai has more than 10 years experience in IT. He worked as an IT Manager at an oil company Aberdeen before founding TechForce Cyber. Jai is passionate about helping people and businesses. He is responsible for business development and making our vision a reality at TechForce Cyber.

    A keen runner, Father and a Tesla lover.

    Jai on LinkedIn

Team TechForce

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